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Step into a new era of farming productivity where data and technology seamlessly combine, leaving behind inefficiency and boring admin work.



The Challenge

Unlocking the full potential of your farm

Traditional farming methods often faced significant efficiency challenges. Manual labour-intensive processes, reliance on guesswork for decision-making, and limited access to real-time data all contributed to reduced productivity and resource wastage. Downtime was a common issue, and coordinating tasks on large farms was cumbersome. Such inefficiencies not only hindered crop yields and profitability but also placed additional stress on the environment through excessive resource consumption.

These challenges are being effectively addressed with the introduction of digital innovations that are ushering in a more efficient and sustainable era for agriculture.


What are the benefits?

The Solution

Full control at your fingertips

IsoMatch FarmCentre is Kubota’s telematics solution. It seamlessly combines data-driven insights with cutting-edge technology. By providing real-time data and informed decision-making tools, it empowers farmers to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and lower operational costs and boost yields.

Downtime is minimized through automation and continuous monitoring, ensuring that every moment on the farm is productive. The platform, accessible on any smart device, also streamlines task sending and management, allowing for efficient coordination of farm activities.

How it works…

  1. Create maps and send tasks. The platform works with any smart device like a laptop, tablet, or phone.
  2. Import and export IsoMatch GEOCONTROL data via the cloud.
  3. All data is encrypted and secured in the cloud storage.
  4. The terminal becomes the gateway connecting machines to the cloud. This allows for the dataflow.
  5. Independent connectivity thanks to a SIM card.
  6. Full data visibility and task management. All your implements are under control in real-time.
  7. The platform sends alerts and analyses the collected data in pre-defined reports.

From the field to your computer screen

The People

"This platform represents a modern approach to farming, seamlessly integrating data and technology to boost efficiency, productivity, and sustainability."

Product Manager Ag implements & Precision Farming, Europe Tractor BU

François Julienne is a Product Manager at Kubota. For him IsoMatch FarmCentre’s task coordination feature holds immense significance. It empowers farmers to efficiently set and manage tasks, ensuring seamless execution without delays. This functionality eliminates the need for manual coordination, reduces errors, and optimizes resource allocation. By centralizing task management, the platform enhances overall efficiency, enabling farmers like François to focus on crucial aspects of their operations while the platform handles the details. It’s a game-changer in agricultural management, making processes smoother, more productive, and less prone to interruptions.

François Julienne

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Kubota telematics solutions drive United Nations Sustainability Development Goals by enhancing crop yields, reducing resource waste, and fostering economic growth through innovative, data-driven agriculture, contributing to a more food-secure and eco-friendly future.

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