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Sustainable, smart energy solutions, reduce emissions and noise



The Challenge

How can the construction industry reduce its carbon footprint?

The climate crisis affects us all. Many municipalities are tacking carbon emissions by introducing stricter regulations for construction machinery. Consequently, construction contractors are looking for manufacturers to supply low carbon, low noise alternatives to give them the edge in the urban environment.

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What are the benefits of the electric excavator?

The Solution

Full performance from batteries /Affordable electric performance

Diesel has dominated the construction business for decades. That means alternative power sources have to meet high standards of performance while keeping costs down. Battery-powered electric equipment is usually more expensive to buy but cheaper to operate and maintain. New technology always deserves to be questioned. How long does the power last? How often do you have to recharge and how long does it take? These are the kind of questions that used to be asked of hand-held battery-powered tools like drills.

Adding alternatives

Kubota’s new compact excavator KX38-4e Electric joins an LPG mini-excavator, a battery-driven dumper, and an electrically powered compact wheel loaders  in the Kubota Smart Energy Solutions range. The range* now offers four practical alternatives to diesel that lower noise and emissions in urban environments.

*At this time this model is only available in Norway and the Netherlands for testing in extreme climates.

Adding advantages

The KX38-4e Electric features a long 5.49 m reach and a 4.31 m dig depth for efficiency, it also has superb stability and operation, even in small spaces. All these advantages have already been proven in the KX38-4e diesel version.

The electric version of the compact excavator adds some key advantages: It is not only quiet and emission-free, but its performance is just as reliable as that of a conventionally powered excavator. The 49.2 kWh lithium-ion battery is good for up to five hours of normal operation and it can be quickly recharged between shifts, if necessary.

The Kubota KX38-4e Electric compact excavator

Kubota compact electric excavator

The Kubota KX38-4e Electric is ideal for the kind of restricted spaces often found in urban environments. As it has no emissions, it can be used in interior locations as well as low emission zones. Battery power means lower vibrations and less maintenance.

Greenhouse gas emmisions
GHG emissions 0
Battery operation up to 5hrs
Battery recharge 120 minutes (rapid charging)
Machine weight 3945 kg
Overall width 1.7 m
Output 17.8 kW
Dig depth 3.41 m
Dig reach 5.49 m
See the prototype of the KX38-4e Electric at Bauma 2022

The People

“We are looking forward to presenting the prototype of our electric mini-excavator at the Bauma trade fair, because we are certain that people are keen to find this level of performance in a zero-carbon machine.”

Shin Kamada, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Business Unit CE Europe, Kubota Holdings Europe B.V.

Ritratto di Shin Kamada

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The KX38-4e Electric compact excavator contributes to the UN Sustainability Development Goals of energy efficiency, promoting innovation, supporting sustainable cities, and protecting the climate and life on land.


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