Kubota round balers now come with extended Tractor Implement Management (TIM) functionalities.

Kubota TIM balers now come equipped with new unique features that improve driver comfort and safety

Picture: Kubota baler with new TIM Pack 2.0 feature.

Kubota has been a pioneer in the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) domain. Building on their previous innovations in this field, they have taken a step further with the introduction of the TIM Pack 2.0. This new technology features an automatic bale chamber feeding device and also allows for control of the rotor in case of unexpected intake blockages.

In 2020, Kubota achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first manufacturer to obtain the double AEF certification for the combination of a TIM-capable tractor and implement. This achievement was made possible thanks to Kubota’s Premium KVT tractor series M7003 and the BV variable chamber round balers. The communication between tractors and implements ensures efficient work, reduces human errors, and increases driver comfort.

In the work environment of baling operations, the first TIM level system launched three years ago has already automatised the most demanding repetitive driver actions. The sequence of tractor pause moving forward for binding at the end of bale completion, binding and bale discharge was already fully in the hands of the system, making the full baling sequence of 10 driver operations down to only two.

Picture: Kubota BV5160 with TIM system

Moreover, the system is designed to reduce the PTO rpm at certain stages of the baling process, which helps to minimize operational costs by reducing machine wear and fuel consumption. At this stage, one of the rare actions still in charge of the driver was the handling of the baler feeding by moving over the swath with the tractor for regular left and right crop fed in the baling chamber to obtain the best bale formation.

With the new Auto Feed Control device, this operation can be automated. The hydraulic swinging drawbar on the baler receives the oil flow from a TIM-controlled spool valve of the tractor, which allows the baler to be switched from left to right on the back of the tractor. The process is fully autonomous and takes signals from both the left and right-hand side indicators of the baler, to operate over the swath. This results in a perfect and dense bale shape with the driver just keeping the tractor centralised over the swath. This also prevents ground crop contamination as the tractor wheels will stay away from the forage.

An additional device, called Auto Blockage Control and Monitoring has been implemented to continue the crop flow inside the baler intake. This system will allow immediate reaction in case of crop accumulation in the baler intake.
The system has a faster response time for stopping the tractor and PTO than a human, which makes it much safer. It also prevents crop blockages by stopping the crop flow immediately and automatically releasing the parallelogram drop floor. This ensures that the safety standards are much higher and that any potential crop blockages are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

These new market-unique features, lowering to the minimal level of a single operation the needed actions by the driver in the tractor cab over the complete baling sequence, are coming in combination with the TIM Pack 2.0 and apply to the full range of the variable chamber BV round balers, maintaining Kubota ahead of the competition on the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) technology.

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