Kubota RA2071T Vario phase lift

The Kubota RA2071T Vario is designed to provide maximum flexibility.

Picture: Kubota RA 2071T Vario

The Kubota RA2071T Vario is designed for maximum flexibility for raking with twin rotors that work independently, making it possible to collect either two smaller night swaths or one large swath up to 12.5 m.

The unique Vario feature of the Kubota RA 2071T Vario is the revolutionary unique feature SideShift, allowing the front rotor of the machine to be moved to operate on the left side or the right side of the tractor. This permits the best-raking results along fences, creeks, under trees, and improved track following on hillsides and slopes. It is also possible to rake without driving on top of the crop, which avoids pollution of the crop and is very effective in wet soils. Last, it also protects the tractor as you do not have to drive close to trees or ditches.

The Kubota RA2071T Vario is equipped with the new Terralink Plus, which offers an additional 8° movement in the driving direction compared to the previous model. It includes a hydraulic cylinder stabilising the rear rotor and an integrated jet effect while turning on the headland. The machine is now standard equipped with tandem wheels on the front and rear rotor, an additional inner wheel set on the rear rotor to improve ground tracking (6 wheels in total) and a land wheel on the headstock.

Picture: SideShift of the rotor

The RA2071 also has a well-proven QuickLift system that allows hydraulic lift out of the swath. The maximum height that can be reached is 50 cm.

One of the benefits of the RA2071 is that the working height can be adjusted comfortably from the top, on a real rotor.

All functions of the machine (SideShift of the front and rear rotor, lifting, lowering, folding of the swath board) can be controlled comfortably out of the cabin without opening the window. The road transport position can easily be found if the stop bracket is used. The maintenance-friendly rotor, the pulled tandem axle, and the transport width below 3 m complete the efficient use of the machine all day long.

About Kubota

Kubota has been a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, construction equipment, lawn mowers and and Industrial Engines since 1890. With its global Headquarters in Osaka Japan, offices in more than 120 countries, and more than 50,000 employees in North America, Europe and Asia, Kubota had a turnover of $20.4 billion in 2022. Although machinery equipment is its main products line, Kubota also produces a wide range of products such as city water purification systems, irrigation systems, piping systems, roof and home construction, and large underground valves.

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Our Brand Statement, “For Earth, For Life,” speaks to our commitment to the conservation of the environment while aiding the production of food and water supplies, which are vital to meet the needs of our society, as the world’s population continues to grow. This mission is accomplished every time a Kubota tractor harvests the land to produce food or when our construction equipment excavates to transport water or provide shelter. For more information on Kubota, please visit or

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