New intake for the Kubota BF3500


New intake option for heavy duty fixed chamber balers

Picture: Kubota BF3500 producing high-density bales

Initially launched with a 15-knife pre-chopping intake system, the Kubota BF3500 range has now been extended by introducing a new PowerFeed intake device.

The plain rotor intake gives high intake capacity at a lower cost and is targeted at users not requiring pre-chopping. Along with the 15-knife system, the PowerFeed rotor used in Kubota BF3500 has an increased diameter compared to previous models. Designed for multicrop use the new larger PowerFeed system provides increased output with a lower power requirement.

PowerFeed equipped models come as standard with a revised lowering floor profile enhancing the crop flow. This new drop floor maintains the parallelogram action when lowered, giving clearance not only under the rear part, but also under the front of the rotor as well and ensuring optimal cleaning of any eventual blockages.

A 2.30m wide pick-up is standard with the PowerFeed intake. The five-tine bar reel incorporates a cam track located at both ends, while each tine bar is supported on four bearings.

High-capacity PowerFeed rotor

The introduction of the PowerFeed intake option comes hot on the heels of the recently released option of film-on-film application for those looking to take advantage of the improvements in silage quality claimed for this technique, further increasing the versatility of the Kubota BF3500 range.

The Kubota BF3500 is now available with the PowerFeed rotor or 15-knife SuperCut pre-chopping system and is equipped as standard with the PowerBind net unit system. At the same time, film-on-film application is available as optional equipment on either model.

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Harvesting Systems Division – Product Director
Uwe Kellermeier