Kubota Introduces an ISOBUS compatible Mounted Sprayer Range with New Features


Kubota is introducing a complete ISOBUS compatible XMS mounted sprayer range operating on the same software and hardware platform as the trailed sprayers. At the same time new features like the next generation Boom Guide system and TwinFill automatic filling are introduced on the XMS2 mounted sprayer range.

Picture: The XMS mounted sprayer range is fully ISOBUS compatible and available with new features.

With the introduction of the iXspray software and hardware on the XMS1 sprayer, Kubota is offering a complete ISOBUS compatible sprayer range with increased user friendliness. The XMS sprayer range can be controlled with the K-monitor, IsoMatch Tellus terminals or any other AEF certified tractor terminal. The Kubota mounted sprayer range is being developed for precise, easy and cost effective spraying. Advanced technology ensures that the spraying job is done with the highest possible accuracy and efficiency.

TwinFill – automatic filling for the XMS2 rear tank and XFT front tank

Nowadays an operator has two ways of filling their sprayer combination. Either measuring spray liquid twice for both tanks individually or all at once. Both are considered to be time consuming and increase the risk of wrong concentrations. Operators don’t want to calculate and add more spray liquid than is necessary as this is double the work, not user friendly and adding additional failure potential that can lead to extra costs or over/under dosing.

Kubota TwinFill is an automatic filling program that lets the operator fill their product in one go, for both the front and rear tank, without the disadvantage of unknown mixing time. The software takes care that the spray liquid is split and transferred to the front and rear tank with the correct volume and equal concentration. After, both tanks are filled up with clean water to the required level, the same concentration is reached in both tanks. TwinFill is especially beneficial for medium sized arable farmers, vegetable farmers and contractors in mixed farming areas. The operator can simply fill all of the products in one step to the total required tank volume of the two tanks together or just enter the number of hectares to be sprayed, without having to measure all of the products twice, in different amounts and fill the tanks separately!

With TwinFill the operator can immediately start the spray job, because the mixture in both tanks is perfectly diluted and ready for use – and also from start to finish for the complete spray job. There is also no waste of clean water or spray liquid, because it is exactly calculated upfront how much water of spray liquid is needed.

Next Generation Boom Guide System

The next generation Boom Guide ProActive height control system on the XMS2 is now also available for the HC 24-30 metre spray booms to support the farmer to maintain the chosen spraying height, also when field slopes or crop conditions change. With the new ultrasonic sensor set up on the spray boom and the user friendly interface it gives an ultimate guidance in the most challenging field conditions.

About Kubota

Kubota has been a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, construction equipment, lawn mowers and Industrial Engines since 1890. With its global Headquarters in Osaka Japan, offices in more than 120 countries, and more than 50,000 employees in North America, Europe and Asia, Kubota had a turnover of $20.4 billion in 2022. Although machinery equipment is its main products line, Kubota also produces a wide range of products such as city water purification systems, irrigation systems, piping systems, roof and home construction, and large underground valves.

Our Mission

Our Brand Statement, “For Earth, For Life,” speaks to our commitment to the conservation of the environment while aiding the production of food and water supplies, which are vital to meet the needs of our society, as the world’s population continues to grow. This mission is accomplished every time a Kubota tractor harvests the land to produce food or when our construction equipment excavates to transport water or provide shelter. For more information on Kubota, please visit or


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